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SMC Capital China portfolio firm Rider Horse announces close of RMB45m Series B funding

Khorchin, Inner Mongolia–May 29th, 2013- Inner Mongolia Rider Horse Industry Co., Ltd has confirmed thatit has closed its RMB45 million series B funding with lead investor CDF Capital, a leading private equity fund manager in China.

“Rider Horse has seen tremendous growth and success since ourinvestment last August,” said SMC Capital China Partner San Eng, “This round of expansion capital will help Rider cement its position as the leading integrated horse business in China.”

Founded in 2006 and run by Chairman and CEO Mr. Lang Lin, a successful Manchu serial entrepreneur with deep passion for horses, Rider Horse (including its predecessor firm) has already become the largest non-farming horse breeder and horse feedstock trader in China.  Leveraging SMC Capital China's Series A investment and its vast international network and expertise and with the strong support of the Khorchin, Inner Mongolia government, Rider is building China’s largest horse breeding center to develop the best domestic thorough bred, half-blood, warmblood and Mongolian horses to serve the growing needs of China’s horse lovers and equestrian clubs.  Rider also intends to introduce international quality branded feedstock to the Chinese market, and to expand into horse club management services.

The Khorchin Prairie, where Rider is headquartered, sits on the same 38-45 degree latitude as Kentucky (USA), Ireland and Hokkaido (Japan).   Experts believe it provides the best climate for horse rearing in China.   The horse industry has been designated in Khorchin 12th Five-Year Plan as a focused sector.

Overseas, the horse industry makes significant economic impact.  For example, the USA and UK horse industries contribute $39 billion and $6billion in GDP, respectively, and recreational horse activities are enjoyed not just by the wealthy but also by the middle classes.  In China, the recreational horse sector is a sunrise sector estimated to be under US$1billion, but growing rapidly at 20%+ per annum, driven by growing disposable incomes and demand for healthier and more sophisticated leisure pursuits, suchas horse riding and equestrian competitions.  China’s horse industry’s growth accelerated since the 2008 Beijing Olympics growing from less than 100 clubs in 2007 to 700-800 clubs today.

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