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Senyint won 2013 China Hospital IT Excellent Project Award

On September 12, 2013, at the 2013 China Industry Information Digitization award ceremony in Beijing, Senyint’s Qinghai province “province-county-township teleconsultation platform” project won the 2013 China Hospital IT Excellent Project Award. This event was organized by national information and media authorities, such as China's Information Digitization Promotion Union,China Computer Association, China Computer Newspaper.

Senyint’s Qinghai project treats the Midwest province general hospital as the core, constructs the remote consultation system in the connection of basic-level hospitals, achieves remote hospital activities such as consultation, reservation, monitoring, surgery guidance, education and information sharing, and improves  the basic-level hospital service level in Midwest province.  This project involved more than 150 medical institutions at all various levels.

UPDATE. 2013-09-12
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